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Godly Children


We know God hates divorce as seen in Malachi 2:16.  It's the most quoted Bible verse on this subject.  Malachi 2:15 is just as important as Malachi 2:16 but you'd never know it by its lack of exposure from the pulpit.  I wish pastors would use a little more hermeneutical common sense when interpreting the Bible.  One phrase should never determine your doctrinal position, especially on this subject.


Malachi 2:15 reads; "Has not the Lord made them one?  In flesh and spirit, they are His".  Beyond physical and social oneness, there is spiritual oneness between a godly couple and the Lord.  That's what the words "in spirit they are His" means.  In the most pure sense of the word, a godly couple is a holy "threesome".    


Malachi goes on to state why a godly couple shouldn't divorce after becoming one.  He says, "Because He (God) is seeking godly offspring".  Note who is seeking godly children here.  It's not the parents.  The text specifically says that God is the one seeking godly offspring.  According to Malachi, the children born from the couple belong to God.  The couple is simply entrusted with their care.  I would suggest that raising God's children puts a huge responsibility on the couple.  It's not something to take lightly.  Raising your children is one thing, but raising God's children is something different altogether.  When we divorce, we default on this serious responsibility.     


As I began this study pages ago, I noted that family forms the basis of any society.  How the family goes is how society goes.  The reason why God seeks godly children is so He'll have a godly society.  If the chain of godliness can continue from one generation to the next, God is assured of a godly society, but when the chain breaks, society breaks as well. 


Despite the general consensus, divorce does hurt children.  In Christian terms, children fail to see the love of God their Christian parents claim to possess.  This makes it harder for them to come to Jesus and easier for them to live an ungodly lifestyle.  God not only hates divorce because it expresses unfaithfulness, He hates it because it destroys the sanctity of the family which in turn destroys the sanctity of society, as is evident in the world around us. 

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