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The Zeal Of The Lord Almighty


In Isaiah 9:1 we learn that God humbled the "land of Zebulun and Naphtali" in judgment by allowing an Assyrian invasion.  These lands are located at the northern end of what we call the West Bank . 


In Isaiah 9:2 and 3 the prophet predicts a day when oppressed Israelis living under "the shadow of death" would "have a great light dawn upon them".  The dawning of this great light would begin the joyful restoration of national Israel.     


In Isaiah 9:4 and 5 we see one example of Israel's  constant struggle with her pagan enemies; a struggle that exists to this very day.


Isaiah predicts the coming of an Israeli Messiah in verses 6 and 7 when he says a child would be born; a son would be given.  The government of Israel would be on His shoulders.  He would once and for all deliver Israel from her enemies and bring her everlasting peace.  He would reign from David's throne over His kingdom forever.  Truly, this Messiah is Wonderful.  He is also Israel's Counselor, Mighty God, Father of Eternity, and Prince of Peace.  He is the Lord Jesus Christ.  


This portion of Isaiah's prophetic writings ends in verse 7 with the words, "the zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this".  All that I've just repeated from Isaiah's prophecy will be fulfilled.  Although the Lord Almighty is beyond our comprehension, if understood, this phrase provides us with a glimpse of the powerful God we serve.  What we see from this glimpse has been long lost in the world and is being ignored in much of what we call church these days.       


The Hebrew word "quinah" is translated as "zeal" in the NIV.  This word finds its roots in the Hebrew word "quina", which means, "to become very red", as in a person's face turning red when upset and angry.  Thus, "quinah" is translated into English in the Old Testament as, jealousy, envy, angry, and other related words.  "Quinah" is used in the Old Testament in reference to; the strength of sexual desire, man's passion towards God and His house, God's jealousy for His people, men in the depth of adversity, God's anger towards sinful man as seen in His wrath, and, man's addiction to envy things he shouldn't.   


Based on the definition of "quinah", this tells me that God's face is becoming progressively more red these days.  His jealousy for Israel and His aguish over her continual unrest will cause his anger to explode into wrath against Israel's enemies.     


Wrath is a sudden explosion of anger.  Even though God's long suffering delays such an explosion, the explosion will come.  Like a volcano, God's anger builds up until it erupts into a violent explosion, devastating all it falls upon.  The Bible calls this the "wrath of God".  You may not think God would act in such a way, but Isaiah says differently when he uses the word "quinah", or, "zeal" in English in this passage.      


Note that God is called the "Lord Almighty" in the NIV.  The KJV states it a bit clearer in my opinion when it calls Him the "Lord of host".  "Lord" is translated from the Hebrew word "Yahweh".  "Yahweh" means "I AM", or, the One who lives in the eternal present.  No wonder the future of all things is in Yahweh's hands. 


The word "Almighty" in the NIV, or the word "host" in the KJV, is translated from the Hebrew word "tsaba".  "Tsabe" is a military word meaning a host of soldiers.  Yahweh is in fact the ultimate military general, leading the mother of all armies.


You can certainly see how the "zeal of the Lord Almighty" will accomplish every last prophecy concerning the restoration of Israel.  A red faced Yahweh, with pent up jealousy for Israel, will allow His anger to explode into wrath upon Israel 's long time pagan enemies.  This long awaited for demonstration of God's wrath will bring all nations and all men to their knees.  All that is predicted will be fulfilled.  Israel will meet her Messiah.  Everlasting peace will come to Israel and to the world.  The Lord Jesus Christ will rule both Israel and the nations from David's throne in Jerusalem.


The "zeal of the Lord Almighty" will accomplish this".  In other words, "the Lord of a vast heavenly army, motivated by an intense jealousy for His people Israel, will pour out His devastating wrath upon the enemies of Israel in order to accomplish all that is predicted.       


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