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Ascent To Supremacy


Genesis 11:4 states that man built a city with a tower that was intended to reach to the heavens.  The stated reasons for man's building project was twofold.  Man wanted to make a name for himself, and he wanted to dwell in one large city instead of being scattered across the countryside.  The motivating factor behind all this was man's desire to ascend to supremacy.  This ascent to supremacy is what satan successfully tempted Eve with in the Garden of Eden.   He himself had such aspirations as seen in Isaiah 14:13-14, "I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God … I will make myself above the Most High".


God responded to the Tower of Babel incident by confusing our languages and scattering us across the face of the earth.  Having different languages and living in separate locations would certainly slow down our ascent to supremacy, but it wouldn't end it. 


Ever since the Tower of Babel we have been systematically undoing what God did at Babel.  We've been attempting to move back to a common means of communication, and one large community to dwell in.  Today this is seen in our high tech easy means of communication, easy means of travel, national immigration policies, and multiculturalism, all of which seem perfectly sensible as we move forward.  Thus, the final attempt at undoing what God did at Babel as seen in the rule of the anti-Christ and his new world order will seem perfectly sensible and the way to go. 


We aren't stopping at undoing what God did at Babel.  We're also attempting to undo what He did at creation.  One way in which we are doing this is how we are blurring the distinctions between men and women.  One simple example of this can be seen in my local school district.  Certain teachers want to incorporate co-ed bathrooms in our schools.  The topic was reportedly introduced by a "bisexual" teacher who wants the bisexual lifestyle included in the school curriculum as being a normal sexual preference.  Co-ed bathrooms would help reinforce the normalcy to this by-sexual  lifestyle.    


Little by little, systematic attempts over the years have been made to blur the distinctions between the sexes and to blur the role men and women have traditionally played in marriage, family, and society.  Females having sex with females, and men having sex with men has aided this blurring.  Men becoming women and women becoming men is taking the blurring process to a new level.  Bisexual or co-ed bathrooms is just another step along the path to genderlessness.  What we're really doing is attempting to undo what the Lord did at creation.  He created a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman, united to one another, distinct in who they are, and distinct in their roles in life.


Our attempt at genderlessness through bio-technology, reconstructive surgery, redefining of marriage and the sexes, among other things, is our way of becoming a creator god.  It's our ascent to supremacy.  You might call our attempt to become a creator god "neo-paganism".  It's what satan has wanted for us all along.


Consider what the apostle Paul said in Acts 17:22 to 32 as he stood before the people of Athens.  I think it's relevant.  He said, "… from one man God made every nation of men that they should inhabit the whole earth…"  Biblically speaking, humans came from the creation of "one man", not from an explosion of dust particles. 


Paul continues.  "… God determined the times set for them (men and women) and the exact places where they should live".   The exact places God has determined for us to live as seen throughout the Bible is across the face of this earth, not on other planets.  God has set times, predetermined dates, that are important to the human race.  He has set times when He steps into humanity to  deal with us as He wishes.  Judgment as seen at Babel was one set time.  The cross of Christ is another.  The date for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ has been predetermined, set in stone.  Jesus will return at the predetermined moment in one final judgment. 


Paul continues, "… we are God's offspring … we should not think that the divine being is like gold … images.  In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent.  For He has set a day to judge the world with justice by the man (Jesus) who He has appointed …"  We are "God's offspring", created in His likeness and image.  We did not evolve, and what we're attempting to evolve into is a matter of sin, not of evolution. The blurring of the sexes into one genderless society is just one of many attempts to undo what God did at creation; just another attempt to ascend to supremacy.  This "ignorance" on our part is no longer tolerated by the Lord.  We  need to repent, but we won't.  Therefore, there is a "set day", one predetermined moment, when God will once again step into humanity.  As the Tower of Babel came crashing to the ground so our ascent to supremacy will come crashing to the ground in one final and horrific act of God's judgment.  That day can't be far off.                 


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