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The Act of Sex


God created all things including men and women. When creation was complete, He sat back and noted that all He created was "very good".  (Genesis 1:31)  When God sat back and gazed on all He had created, what would He have seen when He gazed upon Adam and Eve?  He would have seen a naked man and a naked woman, and in His eyes, that was "very good".  The naked beauty of a man and his wife was, and still is, a beautiful aspect of God's will for men and women. 


Things went wrong in Genesis 3.  When Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord, all of what God created them to be suddenly changed.  Adam and Eve were no longer who they once were.  I don't believe we have any idea of the change that took place at that moment within the nature of who we are.


The one visible thing we see concerning this change that took place with Adam and Eve is that they were now embarrassed by their nakedness.  That which was once very good and pleasing in the eyes of God, and I'm sure very good and pleasing in the eyes of Adam and Eve, was now embarrassing.  Shame entered the beauty of God's creation. 


Adam and Eve covered themselves with leaves.  That didn't seem good enough for God so He went one step farther and provided clothes from the skin of an animal to cover their nakedness..


At the moment of disobedience the beauty of nakedness turned into awkwardness, and that awkwardness disrupted the beautiful relationship Adam and Eve enjoyed with each other.  The perfect unity between husband and wife was shattered, and we feel that affect every day of our lives.  It wasn't just the beauty of their naked bodies that had lost its luster, but the beauty of their relationship had just suffered one tragic blow. 


The act of sex was meant to be the most beautiful and pleasant thing that a husband and wife could do together.  It was the ultimate expression of a perfect relationship, but that was to be no more. Ever since Genesis 3, the act of sex and all that goes along with it; all the good and bad, the abundance of lack thereof, can be just as much frustrating as it can be pleasurable. 


The act of sex has been said to be the strongest thing that motivates men, and probably women as well, at least in our younger years.  I've always said that "sex and money drive the world".  I believe that if you could pull back the curtains of the affairs of men and woman, we'd see lots of inappropriate sex and lots of ill-gotten money.       


So with all this in mind, the Bible says very little about the appropriate aspect to the act of sex between a husband and his wife other than in Songs of Solomon, and what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7:1.  There, Paul tells the men and women in Corinth that husbands and wives should not withhold the act of sex from one another.  The reason is simple.  If a husband and wife are satisfied at home, neither will look outside the home for satisfaction.  This is one very important piece of information that Paul tells a married couple.  This information, if understood and practiced, will save a lot of problems in a marriage.  Many men and women of God, especially those in ministry, have fallen because of not taking Paul's words seriously.


Even though the act of sex has its frustrations in this fallen world and among our fallen relationships, God's original intensions still exist.  The nakedness of a husband and wife, and all that goes along with it, "is very good".                  

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