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The Rise Of Paganism


It was on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's call in show where the show's host interviewed a man who wanted to breast feed his new born baby in public without being looked upon as strange.  This "trans dad" claims to have been born a man inside a woman's body.  She, he, or whoever, is in the process of surgically becoming a man, yet it appears before this abnormality could be rectified, she, I mean he, got pregnant.  All but one who called into the show gave this "trans dad" full support in his desire to breast feed in public.  The lone objector couldn't understand why someone who was biologically born a woman, who wanted so desperately to become a man, would want to do something so basic to motherhood.  In other words, "why would a he, trapped in a she's body, surgically become a he, and then turn around and act like the she he was escaping from being"?              


Recently, on the west side of Toronto, a woman's foot, two hands, and head were discovered in a river.  A couple days later, on the east side of  Toronto, her thigh, ankle, and other body parts were found.  Just a few months earlier, bloody body parts were mailed to both the Conservative and Liberal political party's headquarters in Ottawa.  Some remaining body parts were mailed to two elementary schools in British Columbia, Canada.


Since abortion became legal in the U. S., more than 53 million unborn babies have been offered on personal altars of self interest.  Despite what CNN's Anderson Cooper claims to be the honest facts, according to the latest Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's stats, "selective abortions" are on the rise in Canada.  I suspect the same is true in America.  Couples, and they're not all recent Asian immigrants, are aborting babies on the basis of sex. 


The battle to legalize polygamy is taking place in Canadian courts.  Men want more than one wife, and women want more than one husband.  All this in a nation that has already legalized same sex marriage.     


We're used to gay bars, but according to one news broadcast, there are now "bestiality bars" in America .  Men and women having sex with animals, and in this particular case, with horses.  I recently had a serious email exchange with a girl who was attempting to enlist my help in finding someone who would perform a wedding ceremony for her and her dog.    


Joel Rosenberg, a well respected Christian author, Bible teacher, and political analyst, recently sited certain media outlets stating that cannibalism can be found in America.  


America and Canada have exported many of its jobs to China, India, and other Asian countries.  In return, we're now importing young Asian girls.  Kidnapped in their homeland, they're brought to North American and sold as a commodity in the sex slave industry.      

From the time God called Abram out of pagan Ur , to the time Israelis were expelled from Jerusalem by Roman soldiers in 70 A.D., Israel has battled paganism.  The followers of Jesus have fought the same battle, and like Israel, have often lost the battle.  From the paganization of the church in the fourth century, to modern day liberalism, paganism has been the enemy of Christians.  Tom Harper, a well known Canadian journalist and liberal theologian, attempted to discredit the existence of the historic Jesus in his 2004 book entitled "The Pagan Christ".  The title of his book tells us his position.  The "Jesus Seminar", and other such movements, have attempted to do the same. 


As Israeli's have returned to the Holy Land in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, so has their battle with paganism returned, as seen in the middle eastern conflict.  As the gospel of Jesus is being preached around the world, also in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, paganism stands in opposition, as seen in Islam, the Emergent Church, and Chrislam, just to name a few. 


Any Judeo Christian consensus that might have influenced nations in the past is fading.  Islam, a montheistic religious offspring of Old Testament polytheistic paganism, is rapidly spreading throughout the world.  The New Age religion that attempts to make us all little gods is simply a new form of pagan polytheism.  Present day Hedonism, the love of self, is the basis for all sexual perversions that were part of Old Testament pagan religious practices.  With the predicted absence of the Judeo Christian consensus in the last days (2Thessalonians 2:3) paganism is filling the gap and mounting its final attack on both Israel and Christianity.  The paganism that was present at the birth of Israel and throughout her history, and was later seen throughout the church age, has re-emerged in opposition to all things godly in these last days.       


Chopping up the bodies of those you don't like into little pieces was a practice of paganism throughout Old Testament times.  The Assyrians chopped up Israelis when they conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 B. C..  Israelis did the same to their own people. (Judges 19) 


Sodom is one example of a culture of sexual perversion.  Beyond homosexuality, fathers offered their very young virgin daughters to violent mobs of men to be raped and killed.  Again, Israeli men did the same. (Judges 19)    


While these pagans were offering their daughters to violent mobs of men, they were offering their babies on altars to their pagan gods


God commanded men and women not to have sex with animals in Exodus 22:19 because pagan societies were doing just that.      


A paganism which many might have thought was a thing of past history has risen again.  Its scope isn't limited to less cultured and less educated societies.  It's here in the west, and it's even in that which is called church.  It seems clear to me, that as this present age comes to an end, that which we once were, we're becoming again.  The rise of "liberal secularism" during the 20th century is now giving way to the rise of "a new paganism" in the 21st century.   Jesus' return can't be far off. 



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