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Cleanse The Family Honour
"The Quraysh Model"


On January 29, 2012, 50 miles from my home, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the verdict was read.  "Mohammad Shafia, guilty of first degree murder.  Tooba Yahya, guilty of first degree murder.  Hamed Shafia, guilty of first degree murder".  The judge then sentenced Mohammad, his second wife of a polygamous marriage, Tooba Yahya, and his 21 year old son Hamed, to life in prison. 


Mohammad Shafia maintained his innocence during the court proceedings and police interrogations.  "I'm not a murderer", he yelled as the judge handed down his sentence.  Hamed and Tooba Yahya proclaimed the same, but that didn't matter.  Their recorded voices from their tapped phones, along with computer files, did them in.  Mohammad Shafia said he was a loving father, but the recordings told the truth.  "May the devil shit on their graves…", he angrily exclaimed on one recording.   


This so-called loving, Afghan, Islamic family, living in Canada, has been destroyed for good.  Father, second wife, and son, are in prison for life.  Three teenage daughters and their step-mother, Mohammad's first wife, are dead.  The remaining children are orphaned, and why?  The "family's honour" was disgraced.  Three teenage Islamic girls must never dress like the western girls their father chose for them to live among.  The "family honour" must be maintained at all costs, even if the price is the extermination of three girls and their mother.  Under oath, Mohammad Shafia denied any adherence to such religious convictions, but again, the phone recordings told a different story.  He, Tooba Yahya, and Hamed, all lied under oath. Why?


The answer to "why" dates back 1400 years to another Mohammad.  He was raised in a polytheistic, pagan, tribal family, in the city of Mecca , now in present day Saudi Arabia.  The region was populated by both Arabs and Jews at the time.  As a child, Mohammad's family considered him to be mentally unstable.  This diagnosis changed when some family members believed that he was actually visited by Michael the angel.  Due to these so-called angelic visitations, Mohammad converted from polytheism to his own brand of monotheism.  This was a problem for those in Mecca so he relocated to Medina.  There he continued to promote his new religion by preaching and eventually by military conquest. 


It's important to understand that Mohammad's new religion, known as Islam, wasn't entirely new.  He incorporated much of the pagan traditions of his day into his religion, which found their roots in the old Canaanite and Babylonian religions that God commanded Abraham to stay clear of.  Therefore, I consider Islam to be "monotheistic paganism", a descendent of Old Testament style polytheism.  In addition, and I believe only to win over Jews, he adopted Abraham as the father of his religion.  He taught his followers to face Jerusalem when they pray, and obey the Jewish Sabbath and dietary laws. 


Now that I think about it, Mohammad borrowed a page from church history as well.  A couple of centuries earlier, the so-called church adopted pagan practices to win pagans over to their side.  Then later in time, if they didn't come over, the so-called church sent the military after them to wipe them out.  Mohammad did the same.  Personally speaking, I've always thought that the apostasy of the 7th century church had something to do with the rise of Islam.       


So why did Mohammad Shafia, his wife, and son, lie under oath?  It's called the "Quraysh Model".  We go back to 630 A. D. for the rest of the story.  Arab tribes were in constant conflict.  Mohammad relocated from Mecca to Medina.  The Meccans attacked Medina.  Mohammad's army successfully defended their city but wasn't strong enough to kill off their attackers.  As a result, Mohammad signed a 10 year peace treaty with the Quraysh tribe of Mecca.  Less than one year later, after Mohammad strengthened his army, he mounted a surprise attack on the Quraysh tribe in Mecca and devastated the city.  Mohammad had no intension of keeping the peace treaty.  In today's vernacular, the treaty simply provided him time to "build the bomb", and when the bomb was built, he attacked.  This kind of deception became known as the "Quraysh Model", which Muslim Fundamentalist have adopted for generations.                               

The Koran supports the "Quraysh Model".  It says,
"… those of the people of the book (Jews) who aided them (the Meccans)  - Allah did take down from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts … and he (Allah) made you (Muslims) master of their land, their houses … truly Allah has power over all things'.  (Koran, Surah, 33:26-27)  In other words, "Allah supported Mohammad's deception that led to the massacre  of Mecca ".  Mohammad Shafia also supported this deception that led to the massacre of his daughters and first wife that he lied about under oath.   


It appears to me that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad holds to the same religious convection.  A lie isn't a lie when spoken in the name of Allah.  Murder isn't murder when it's committed in the name of Allah.  Telling the world that he's not "building the bomb" is simply another expression of the "Quraysh Model".  When the bomb is built, like his mentor, he will strike.


Not all Muslims follow this deceptive model, but not all who call themselves Muslims are real Muslims as defined by the Koran.  Not all who call themselves Christians are real Christians as defined by the Bible.  In both cases, the true believer is a strict adherent to his holy book, and Islam's holy book supports the "Quraysh Model".  The Bible, however, teaches us not to lie, not to commit murder or even get angry without cause, and, it teaches that men are to love their wives as Christ loves the church.  I'd tell these things to a Muslim if he were my neighbour.  I'd be intrigued with what he had to say, and listen intently, but in the end, I'd tell him that Allah wasn't Abraham's God.  Abraham served the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He's quite a different God.  If Mohammad Shafia would have served this God, he would have had the loving family he claimed to have.


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