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My Prayer For 2010


I wrote the following in an email in response to an email I received.  After I wrote this I thought that this was really my prayer for 2010 and beyond.  So I share it with you. 


I've been a real Christian since 1970, after watching Billy Graham on TV.  Since then I've attempted to follow Jesus and do the things I think He'd have me do.  In the last few years I have been increasingly more active in sharing Biblical truth on line through a number of venues.  My weekly articles are sent throughout the world at this point via email.  For this reason, and because I am in contact with Christians in various countries, my scope of concern reaches beyond the boarders of my local area of residency.


I have great concern for the church, especially in the western world.  At this point in time, I think we could learn a lot from the more than 130,000,000 underground Christians in China.  I pray for the persecuted church, as I know they pray for us.


It is clear to me that the western church is in the process of colliding with a secular society.  Because of this, my prayer is for all Christians in the western world to stand firm in the truth set forth in the Bible.  I'm not sure we are all on the same page when it comes to this.  I see Evangelicals, which I was raised as being one, devaluating the importance of Biblical truth.  Worldly philosophies are penetrating the western church, even the Evangelical church, if you like using those kinds of designations. 


This is my prayer, not only for our local church, but for the church at large, that we would stand for Jesus and the truth of Scripture in the midst of a secular society.  You might say my prayer is for a Holy Spirit revival of Biblical truth.  We need this desperately, especially in the days ahead, when culture and Christians collide, as is now happening. 


I believe our nation will not find repentance that brings change without the church finding repentance first.  May Jesus impress on us all, the importance of the words that are found in the most important book in human history.  That's our Bible.  It's such an honour and privilege to have this book in my possession.




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