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Isaiah 27:1

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Leviathan Slain (ch. 27:1)                                       


At this point in my commentary I am using the HCSB Bible as the base for my commentary instead of the NIV Bible as I have been using.


Here in verse 1 we see reference to Leviathan.  Both in Biblical terms and extra-Biblical ancient writings Leviathan is known as a sea monster or a sea creature in opposition to God.  Then name "Leviathan" actually means "coiled one". 


Reference to Leviathan in the Bible can be found in Job 3:8 and 41:1to 9.  Leviathan is also mentioned in Psalms 104:34 to 40 where we see him as a creation of God.


In Christian tradition, we view Leviathan as being the devil or satan.  This is implied here in verse 1 where he is called a serpent.  We saw a serpent who we understand as satan in Genesis 3 tempting Eve. 


As we see throughout the book of Isaiah, we see here the words "in that day".  There will come a day when Leviathan, meaning the devil, will be cut down by the sword of God's mouth as stated here.  I believe we see this take place in Revelation 20:10 where satan is cast into the Lake of Fire . 


Historically speaking, the Jews, especially in Old Testament times, have never been sailors of the sea.  For some reason, Jews never liked the sea.  It might well be possible that they didn't like the sea because of Leviathan living in the sea.    


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