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Celestial Alignments  

by Timothy Foster

              Here is an observation on our celestial observations of the universe. This may hopefully clarify our vision.

          In these times, of talk about signs and various celestial alignments, it would be a good idea to examine some fundamentals of alignments, especially those hypothetically predicted by various codes, calendars and prophesies. There are two aspects of alignments that can be distinguished Ė the physical, and the mystical.


What is typically specified is an alignment of the earth, the sun and a third point, which is often the galactic center, or the galactic equator or some other region of the galaxy, such as the dark interstellar dust, at a specific date and time. Alternatively, the alignments might be of other stars with each other, also at specific times and dates. There is usually mention of some supposed consequence, often physical, sometimes spiritual, of such alignments.


What is the basis of a expecting a physical consequence of an alignment of our planet, our sun and the galaxyís center? From a non-creationist point of view, there are only two explanations. Some thirty thousand years ago, an energy or force must have been specifically directed toward, not where our solar system was then but where it is today. Why such a precise beam? What could account for it? It would be a scientifically unknown entity. The other possibility would be some new energy or force, initiated thirty thousand years ago but radiating out in all directions from the galactic center. What would be the source or cause of this new thing? Again, an unknown entity.


There is no scientific evidence of, or predictability for either of the two cases. Neither case gives scientific merit to a prediction of physical consequences at an alignment. But what about normal forces and energies that might supposedly be amplified by an alignment?


 Gravity and electromagnetic radiation are normal physical phenomena. They are always about us. There is something to consider when major physical effects resulting from these predicted alignments are supposed. The type of alignment portrayed, if it actually occurs at all, would already be occurring quite frequently, without catastrophe. For example, for the earth to align with the sun and with the apparent galactic center (or else with the galactic equator) on a particular date, it would necessarily be in a position in its orbit around the sun to be in very nearly the same alignment every year, perhaps not on the same day, over quite a long number of years. To have a precise alignment, however, on a winter solstice would be so infrequent as to be a unique occurrence, timing wise, but there is never the less no great physical difference to be concerned about. That is, it may be special in relation to some other time period or cycle but is otherwise not physically different from the same type of event that, to be possible at all, would necessarily be happening regularly. There is no appreciable difference in the gravitational force or electromagnetic energy exerted. Normal science gives no merit to predictions of calamity, or anything else out of the ordinary.


          There is much hype about these alignments and about conjunctions as signs of other events or seasons. The ones that involve the alignment of the earth with the sun and some other heavenly region would not be much use as signs, since they will not be visible to the naked eye. They would be occurring with the sun between the earth and the other significant entity. You could only be looking in the right direction to observe it by directing your vision at the sun during the day.


Christians need to consider another fact. Any supposed alignment of the sun and galactic center from our perspective is only an alignment of the sun and a pattern in the sky. It is inferred that this is an alignment with physical stars that can thus exert some physical influence. It appears from observations over time that the patterns represent radiant energy and gravitational forces from stars in our own galaxy and others and that we can determine current locations and movements of those stars. But the patterns were created to represent celestial movements and cycles that have never actually happened. Any energy or force emanating from bodies at a distance from us greater than about one quarter of our distance to the apparent galactic center (of the Milky Way) would not as yet have reached us since creation. Therefore those supposed bodies are not the sources of the energies and forces. We would not yet have observed any historical real motion or cycles of those bodies. (Hypothetically radiant bodies at a distance from us greater than about one quarter of the distance toward our supposed galactic center could have been removed from existence immediately after their creation and we would not yet see the difference in the sky. We would have no idea of even their continued existence, let alone their locations.) God not only created the stars of the galaxy and universe but also a signal pattern that gives us information about them but didnít originate from them. (Science cannot even actually measure the distances to those bodies at that apparent distance.) Normal scientific study generally does not take this into account. The predictions of a corrupted, profane science do not validate prophetical expressions.


Let us turn to the mystical views of alignments. These are typified by imagining some other-dimensional force or energy that is released from the physical bodies. There is some connection to some higher plane of consciousness or existence. There is nothing in scripture that alludes to any such function of the heavenly bodies. As Christians we can judge these types of predeterminations as flaky. There is also no way that an astronomically aware civilization, such as the Mayan, could have any observational evidence whatsoever of any coming force or energy that would physically imperil our planet at any forecast time. Would they have any passed-on wisdom originating in Adamís knowledge gained out of his relationship with his Creator? This is a critical issue.


As men multiplied and spread out on the earth there would have been much information passed on. It would have become corrupted in the minds and words of those who did not desire to retain the knowledge of God or give Him glory; yet a kernel of truth may have survived with just the message or implications distorted. The preserved information may be of great significance. On the other hand, Satan may have devised a great lie to deceive and included in it a very accurate, but insignificant, truth to give credence to the lie.


There is a root question that, though it was raised, hasnít yet been addressed in this essay. Are the celestial alignments at the center of these discussions real astronomical events or are they inventions? I have not yet followed through in researching this to find an original source of the alignment information for 2012 in particular. I do not personally know any astronomers. In a presentation of these concepts with the intent of giving merit to end-time predictions it would be helpful to reference authoritative astronomers.


Suppose the alignment events are real. I have demonstrated there is no inherent dangerous consequence to them. Why would God preordain an astronomical event, and create a complex signal pattern pointing to it? This is probably the most significant question.


The synchronizations of our planet, our sun and celestial phenomena thus have greater significance as signs of events than as determinant, or even contributing, factors. This could be of scriptural importance but I have already discussed the usefulness of some such events for signs. It may be that however in looking to the sky in the next few years we will see it recede. The stars may already have been removed subsequent to their creation, or at the fall, at the flood, at Jesusí death or at any time of Godís choosing, and their last light, as we perceive it would just be going out. But God is not limited, however and He may dissolve the stars and extinguish their light in the same momentÖ at any time. There are no conventional scientific theories that indicate either eventuality, neither are there any existing scientific or astronomical observations by which such would be discernable.


          I am not satisfied that there is scientific or scriptural reason to lend great significance to the particular celestial events being hyped today, even in conjunction with other physical anomalies. If anyone who separates out the chaff can still make a clear case I would like to hear it. It is vital that we do not discredit the gospel by mixing in unfounded messages.



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