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1  -  Disclaimer

2  -  My Early Years

3  -  The Foundation Of Prophecy

4  -  Allegorical Approach To Prophecy

5  -  The Lord's Prayer

6  -  Israel In The Thousand Years

7  -  Daniel's Vision  
7  -  Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

8  -  Is It A Literal  Thousand Years?

9  -  Satan And The Thousand Years

10 - Jesus Returns With The Redeemed

11 - Who Judges And Who Rules?  

12 - Non-believers In The Thousand Years  

13 - Survivors Of The Great Tribulation

14 - Zechariah Sees Survivors

15 - Isaiah Sees Survivors

16 - The Rod Of Iron

17 - The Anti-Christ's Fata Wound

18 - Millions Die - Millions Live  

19 - Animals At Peace

20 - Isaiah Sees Animals At Peace

21 - Survivors Of Disaster

22 - Zechariah Sees Geological Changes On Earth 
23 - Ezekiel Sees Geological Changes On Earth
24 - Babylon Falls

25 - The Throne Of David

26 - God's Purpose For The Tribulation

27 - All Israel Saved

28 - Weapons Into Plows

29 - The Need For Instruction  
29 - The Need For Instruction

30 - The Law And The Temple

31 - Israel's Land

32 - The New Earth



1 - Disclaimer


If we're honest, none of us have every aspect of Biblical prophecy figured out, and I'm no exception.  That being said, I'm pretty well convinced in the prophetic direction I've taken over the last few decades.  However, when it comes to the finer details of this direction I'm still searching and I'm still learning.   


I am a Prophetic Futurist.  I believe most of the book of Revelation details the events that brings this age to an end.  One thing Revelation predicts is a time when Jesus will rule the earth with a rod of iron for a thousand years.  Some Bible teachers suggest there are about 400 Bible verses that address this period of time.  In the following pages I will point out a few of these passages that may be a bit obscure to some of you.  I realize the Christian world is divided over this issue so consider what I say as you do your own research.     



2 - My Early Years


While growing up in an Evangelical church setting there were a few questions that my Sunday school teachers couldn't answer to my satisfaction.  For example, what's the unforgivable sin?  Why is playing cards a sin?  What will the thousand year rule of Christ look like?  As a youth, I understood these thousand years to be a time of world peace where lions and lambs would be buddies.  That was about all I could glean from my Sunday school days.



3 - The Foundation Of Prophecy


It's my thinking that Biblical prophecy will not be properly understood unless you understand the Abrahamic Covenant that God agreed with Himself to keep and that He spoke to Abraham.  This covenant consists of a number of promises that God promised Abraham, his descendents, and one special descended who we know to be our Lord Jesus Christ.  How you understand this covenant will determine what prophetic path you take beyond the book of Genesis.  Just for the record, your study of prophecy must begin in Genesis 3:15 where we see the first prediction of the cross of Christ. 


Those who believe the Abrahamic Covenant has been totally fulfilled in Jesus' first appearance on earth teach that Israel has forfeited her historic and prophetic significance in the mind of God.  They teach that the present day nation of Israel is nothing special because God has replaced a rebellious Israel with the church.      


Those who believe, as I do, that the Abrahamic Covenant will not be completely fulfilled until Jesus' second appearance on earth believe that Israel still has prophetic and historic significance right up to the end of this age, and even beyond.  I believe the place of Israel in prophetic history must not be discounted, and that includes Israel's place in the thousand year rule of Christ on earth. 



4 - Allegorical Approach To Prophecy  


An allegory takes a person, place, thing, or event, and gives it a secondary spiritual or moral meaning.  For example, in Galatians 4:21 and following the Apostle Paul allegorizes Abraham's wife Sarah and Sarah's slave girl Hagar.  These two women were literal women of history but in Galatians 4:24 Paul says that they can be understood figuratively or allegorically to represent two covenants.  Hagar represents the Old Covenant while Sarah represents the New Covenant.  


During the second century AD Christian
theologians, especially those living in Egypt, began to interpret the Bible, including the book of Revelation, allegorically instead of literally as possible.  I believe this was an unholy influence by the surrounding pagan culture.  These theologians, and many others since them, viewed the book of Revelation as a book of symbols.  They didn't interpret any part of Revelation literally.  Therefore, the thousand year rule of Christ on earth in their thinking wasn't a literal thousand year rule of Christ on earth.  It was a symbol to represent something else.  What this something else is has been vigorously debated by allegorists for centuries.       


The allegorizing of Scripture, especially prophetic Scripture, was cemented into church doctrine by Augustine (354 to 430 AD) and other early Catholic theologians, who by the way, believed that Israel no longer had any prophetic and historic significance.  Martin Luther and most other Reformers of the 1500's didn't depart from this thinking and thus allegorizing prophetic Scripture remains with us to this very day.  As a matter of fact, Luther was very hostile towards Jews.        


Literalists, who I attempt to be as much as possible, believe the thousand year rule of Christ on earth as seen in Revelation 20 is a literal thousand years.   



5 - The Lord's Prayer


Every time we repeat the Lord's Prayer as seen in Matthew 6 and say "thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," we are asking our heavenly Father to bring the Kingdom of God that is in heaven to earth.  So, what is the Kingdom of God ?  Has it already come to earth or will it come to earth at some future date?  


Right now the Kingdom of God literally exists in heaven.  Ever since the Holy Spirit entered the lives of the believers on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, the literal, yet invisible to unbelievers, Kingdom of God has existed on earth in the lives of the believers.  In answer to our request in the Lord's Prayer, the Kingdom of God will come to earth in a literal and material way for a thousand years, to be seen by all, when Jesus returns to establish it from Jerusalem.  No longer will God's kingdom be invisible on earth.  Everyone will see it and be subject to it.


6 - Israel In The Thousand Years   


In Acts 1:5 Jesus told His disciples that they would soon receive the Holy Spirit into their lives.  In Acts 1:7 the disciples responded by asking Jesus if at that time the kingdom would be restored to Israel.  The restoration of the Kingdom of Israel as the leading nation among all nations was the hope of all Israelis.  It was promised in the Abrahamic Covenant and predicted by all the Old Testament prophets.  Even though the disciples' question was misguided at that specific moment, it was a legitimate question.


Jesus did not discount the disciples' question.  He did not deny the fact that the kingdom would be restored to Israel .  He just said that the timing of Israel's restoration was in God's hands.  The disciples didn't need to focus on that right then.  They needed to prepare for the reception of the Holy Spirit into their lives and the job ahead of them.  They could concern themselves with this question later, as they did in Acts 15:13 to 18.    


The disciples were on the right track.  They knew God had called Israel to be a kingdom of priests that was to represent God to the nations (Exodus 19:6, Isaiah 49:6).  They also knew this calling is irrevocable (Romans 11:26).  God won't change His mind concerning Israel 's predicted future.  The restoration of Israel's international supremacy will be realized when Jesus rules from Jerusalem for a thousand years. You cannot separate Israel from the thousand year rule of Christ on earth.  The two go hand in hand.  



7 - Nebuchadnezzar's Dream  


Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the Babylonian Empire, had a disturbing dream that only Daniel could interpret.  The king saw a huge and frightening statue.  Its head was gold, chest and arms silver, belly and thighs bronze, legs iron, and feet a combination of iron and clay.  A rock was thrown at the feet of the statue and the whole thing disintegrated into dust.  As the wind blew the dust away, the rock grew into a mountain that covered the earth.  This dream confirms that it is God who causes nations and their leaders to both rise and fall from international significance (Daniel 2:21).


Daniel told the king that he and his empire was the head of gold.  History tells us that the chest of silver was the Medo/Persian Empire, the belly of bronze was the Greek Empire, and the legs of iron was the Roman Empire. 


Daniel 2:43 states that the feet of iron and clay are nations that form an alliance that most Prophetic Futurists understand to be the last world empire that is rooted in the old Roman Empire.  This alliance of nations will be demolished by the Kingdom of God as we read in Revelation 17 and 18.  When the kingdoms of men become the Kingdom of our God (Revelation 11:15) Jesus will begin to rule the nations for a thousand years.   



8 - Is It A Literal Thousand Years?


Revelation 20:1 to 7 is the only Bible passage that states the world wide rule of Jesus will last a thousand years.  Some Bible teachers symbolize or spiritualize these thousand years, but not me.  I believe they are a literal thousand years because I believe numbers in Biblical prophecy are to be understood literally.  Look at the following examples. 


Jeremiah 25:11 and 29:10 predicted that Israel would be exiled in Babylon for 70 years.  That literally happened.  Jeremiah 25:12 states that when the 70 years ended, God would punish Babylon.  That literally happened when the Medes and Persians overthrew Babylon.  Jeremiah 29:10 says that God would return Israelis to their homeland after their 70 year exile.  That literally happened.  In Daniel 9:2, Daniel understood these 70 years to be 70 literal years, and so should we.     


Daniel 9:27 tells us that the last 7 years of this age is divided into two three and a half year segments.  Revelation 11:2 and 13:5 speaks of this time as 42 months.  Revelation 11:3 and 12:6 speaks of this time as 1260 days.  The Bible speaks of this period of time in terms of 42 months, 1260 days, and 3.5 years.  The Bible seems to go out of its way to make us understand the last half of what we call the Great Tribulation should be understood literally.      


In Revelation 9:15 we see four fallen angels being released from prison.  The text states that these angels were kept bound until this "very hour, day, month, and year."  Such preciseness tells me we should take this moment of time literally, not symbolically.  


I believe God has a preset timetable of events.  Read the book of John.  Over and over again Jesus says that His time had not yet come.  In John 17:1 He said that His time had finally come.  All this tells me that prophetic numbers should be understood literally.  A thousand years is a thousand years.  It's that simple.             



9 - Satan And The Thousand Years


Revelation 20:1 to 3 states that satan will no longer deceive the nations during the one thousand year rule of Jesus because he will be bound.  Note that the devil deceives nations as well as individuals.  For once in the history of the world there will be relative peace, but, relative peace during the thousand years does not mean perfect or complete peace.  I will explain that later.     



10 - Jesus Returns With The Redeemed


Jude 14 says that Jesus will return
to earth with "His holy ones."  I believe these holy ones are redeemed men and women, partly because of my understanding of the Greek word "hagios" that is translated as holy ones here and elsewhere in the New Testament.  Some Bible teachers believe they are angels. 


I realize that some people question the canonicity of the book of Jude because Jude quotes from the non-canonical book of Enoch.  If you struggle with Jude 14, read 1 Thessalonians 3:13 where the Apostle Paul says the same thing.  Zechariah 14:5 also states that the Lord will return with "His holy ones."  Jesus will not return to earth alone. 

If you think the holy ones aren't people but angels, Revelation 17:14 sheds some light on this.  There we see Jesus with His "called, chosen, and faithful followers" as He wages war against the anti-Christ's regime upon His return.  Called and chosen followers of Jesus can't be angels.  


All of the above being said, Jesus will return with angels as well (Mathew 25:31, Mark 8:38).  Seeing Jesus, His saints, and His angels, all returning to earth simultaneously will be one very impressive sight.  Once His holy saints return to earth with Jesus, He will not send them back to Heaven.  They have things to do during the thousand years of Jesus' rule on earth.          



11 - Who Judges And Who Rules?


"I (John) saw thrones on which were seated those who were given authority to judge.  And I saw souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of the Lord.  They had not worshipped the beast (anti-Christ) or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or in their hands.  They returned to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years" (Revelation 20:4 NIV).       


This verse states that those who will be given authority will sit on thrones to judge.  This verse also states that those who had been executed for their association with Jesus during the Great Tribulation will rule with Christ for a thousand years.  I believe this verse speaks of two distinct groups of people; those who will be given authority to judge, and, those martyred saints who will rule. 


Some Bible teachers say those who sit on thrones judging are the martyred saints who rule.  They say that there is only one group here, not two groups.  I don't see it that way because the text in my thinking seems to separate these people into two groups with two different job descriptions. 


I see the redeemed who have returned to earth with Jesus judging on thrones.  I say this because of the Greek construction of verse 4 and other Scriptures stating that those belonging to Jesus will sit on thrones (Revelation 2:26, 5:10, 1 Corinthians 6:2).  In Matthew 19:28 Jesus said that His followers would one day sit on thrones and judge.  


I believe the saints returning to earth with Jesus will sit on thrones and judge.  Those martyred during the Great Tribulation, who have been waiting for God to avenge their blood (Revelation 6:9 - 11), will sit on thrones and rule. 


I suggest that judging and ruling are not the same thing.  The word "judge" in Revelation 20:4 is translated from the Greek word "krima" which has a range of meanings that includes instruction, investigation, and decision making.  The process of judging includes a wide range of activities as does the process of ruling, but, judging isn't necessarily synonymous with ruling.    


There will be all sorts of opportunities for us to serve Jesus in some capacity during these thousand years.  I hope to be part of those who instruct the Word of God.  You might wonder why there will be a need for Biblical instruction during those years. 



12 - Non-Believers In The Thousand Years  


I've said that the saints will judge and rule the nations with Jesus during the thousand years.  Revelation 2:26 confirms this by saying that those who overcome will be given authority to rule the nations with a rod of iron.  Who are those who live in the nations that the saints will judge and rule?  Will the saints judge and rule themselves?  I don't think so.  I suggest that there will be non-believers who will survive the Great Tribulation and live into the thousand year rule of Jesus.  These people will be scattered throughout the nations of the world and will be ruled and judged by the saints.             



13 - Survivors Of  The Thousand Years


Revelation 19:11 to 21 pictures Jesus returning to earth to defeat the armies of the nations who have gathered outside of Jerusalem for the last great battle of
the age.  Revelation 19:15 says that Jesus will defeat these armies with the sword of His mouth.  Jesus will just utter the word of victory and the battle ends before it begins.  Then, as Revelation 19:20 to 21 states, the anti-Christ and the false prophet will be thrown into the Lake of Fire while
the armies ill die on the battlefield.  Those in these armies will  be among those who are thrown into the Lake of Fire at the end of the thousand years (Revelation 20:14).  


Revelation 19:15 also states that Jesus will rule the nations He has just defeated with a scepter of iron.  It's clear to me that even though the armies of these nations die in battle, many of the citizens they represent back home survive the tribulation and live into the thousand years to be ruled by Jesus and the saints.  It makes no sense that Jesus will rule His holy saints with a rod of iron, especially when whey they will be living in their holy and sinless resurrected bodies.                       


14 - Zechariah Sees Survivors


Zechariah 14 begins with the Revelation 19
battle I've just mentioned.  Zechariah then gives us a brief glimpse into the thousand year rule of Jesus.  Zechariah 14:16 tells us that survivors from the defeated nations will go up to Jerusalem on a yearly basis to worship the Lord Almighty.  Zechariah 14:17 says that if any nation doesn't go up to Jerusalem to worship, God will prevent rain from falling on that nation.  This tells me that there will be those on earth during the thousand years who still have free will to either choose to obey Jesus or disobey Him. 


These people who have the capability to sin can't be the saints who are ruling the nations with Jesus.  The saints who have returned to earth with Jesus in their eternal glorified bodies are beyond the point of disobedience.  Satan may be bound during the thousand years but the sinful human nature of those who survive the Great Tribulation will still be a force to be reckoned with.                



15 - Isaiah Sees Survivors


Although the title of Isaiah 65:17 to 25 in the NIV says this passage concerns the era of the new earth as seen in Revelation 21 and 22, Isaiah 65:20 can't be applied to the new earth.  It states that infants won't die young and anyone who dies at age 100 will be considered young and cursed.  People neither die or are cursed in the era of the eternal new earth.  Isaiah 65:20 can only be understood in terms of the thousand year rule of Christ.  


The saints who judge and rule with Jesus in the thousand years cannot die or be cursed.  They judge and rule with Jesus in their eternal glorified bodies.  Those who have the possibility of dying and being cursed are those who survive the Great Tribulation and still have free will.      



16 - The Rod Of Iron 


Psalm 2:9 is a Messianic verse that predicts Jesus ruling the nations with a rod of iron.  Revelation 12:5 and 19:15 repeats this prediction.  Revelation 2:26 states that those who overcome will rule with Jesus with a rod of iron as well.  I suggest that if there was no possibility of sin and disobedience to Jesus in the thousand years, there would be no reason for Jesus and His saints to rule with a rod of iron.  Sinful humanity among the survivors of the Great Tribulation is still a force to be reckoned with.  


The rod of iron is a tool of discipline, correction, and strong leadership over those with the possibility to disobey.  I suggest that even though the thousand years will be enjoyable, it will look more like our present age than the era known as the new earth. 



17 - The Anti-Christ's Fatal Wound  


Revelation 13:1 to 12 tells us that the anti-Christ suffers a fatal wound.  Who would try to assassinate the anti-Christ? I doubt if the saints would attempt this.  Like Jesus in John 18:36, the saints won't use such force to establish the Kingdom of

God on earth.  Those who would attempt to kill the anti-Christ would be those non-Christian staunch political and economic conservatives who refuse to submit to the anti-Christ's dictatorial socialism.  I'm sure there will be a few of them around during the time of tribulation.  


Daniel 11:41 says that Edom, Moab, and Ammon, which is present day Jordon, will escape the rule of the anti-Christ.  This tells me that Jordon doesn't want to submit to this dictatorial socialism either.  It appears to me that as difficult as it will be, there will be non-Christians who oppose the anti-Christ and manage to survive the Great Tribulation and live into the thousand years. 



18 - Millions Killed - Millions Live


Let's do some math.  At present the world's population is about 7 billion people.  Revelation 6:8 states that the fourth rider on a horse was given power over a fourth of the earth to kill its population.  Many people see this rider killing one fourth of the earth's population but the text doesn't say that.  It says he has power over one fourth of the earth, not over one fourth of the earth's population.  Depending on what quarter of the earth the text is speaking of will determine how many he kills. 


For the sake of argument, let's say this rider does kill a fourth of the world's population.  That leaves 5.25 billion people remaining alive on earth.  Beyond this, Revelation 9:15 says that a third of mankind will die next.  That's a third of the 5.25 billion people left after the rider on the horse kills a fourth of the world's population.  That would leave 3.5 billion people left on earth.    


Although Revelation doesn't say it, let's say half of the 3.5 billion survivors die in the Great Tribulation.  That still leaves 1.75 billion people left on earth, which is more than enough to repopulate the earth in the thousand year rule of Christ.    


There is no doubt in my mind that there will be survivors of the Great Tribulation who live into the thousand year rule of Christ.  These survivors will need Biblical instruction and just maybe I can have a part in this instruction.  There is also no doubt in my mind that there will be relative peace in these years, but relative peace doesn't mean perfect peace.  That being said, there is one segment of creation that will live in perfect peace.        


19 - Animals At Peace


Although human nature will still be a force to be reckoned with among survivors of the Great Tribulation during the thousand year rule of Christ, animals won't be so inflicted with sinful nature as they are now.  Romans 8:19 to 22 gives us some background information about this.  The Apostle Paul states that all creation is subject to a life of frustration.  Creation didn't choose this way of life.  It was placed on it by the will of "the one who subjected it to frustration," as the NIV puts it. 


Adam was forewarned by God that death and decay would inflict creation if he rebelled.  Adam did rebel.  Therefore, all of creation, including animals, experiences a frustrating existence.  When it comes to animals, we see this frustration in the enmity they have towards each other and with humans.  Genesis 9:5 in the NIV goes as far to say that when an animal kills a human he will give account of his action to God.     


Romans 8:19 to 22 goes on to say that all creation, which includes animals, eagerly anticipates "the manifestation of the sons of God," as the KJV puts it.  This means that when creation sees the saints returning to earth with Jesus in their glorified bodies, creation will know freedom from frustration has arrived.  Until then, Romans 8:22 says that creation groans.  This groaning is seen in the increase and intensity of ecological disasters, including the strange things that are taking place in the animal world today.   Romans 8:22 calls these groans birth pains.  Birth pains precede new life.  The increasing frequency and intensity of birth pains we now see in creation suggest that creation's freedom from frustration is near.  Animals will undergo a major change in their basic nature during the thousand year rule of Jesus.                      


20 - Isaiah Sees Animals At Peace


Isaiah 11:6- 9 states that the wolf will live with the lamb and the leopard will lie down with the goat.  This portrays a frustration free animal world during the thousand year rule of Jesus which extends into the era of the new earth.  It will be a photographer's dream come true.  Every ferocious animal will gladly pose before the camera.      


Isaiah also says that little children will lead animals around.  Children won't necessarily be playing with stuffed animals during these years.  They will be playing with real live animals.  There'll be no fearful screams from a mother when she sees her child hugging a snake. 



21 - Survivors Of Disaster


A quick reading of the book of Revelation shows that the earth will undergo all sorts of environmental, ecological, and structural calamities.  The worst of these disasters are seen in Revelation 16.  They include oceans and rivers turning into blood, the sun scorching the earth, the Euphrates River drying up, and the greatest earthquake in human history.  Revelation 16:20 says that the cities of the world will collapse because of this earthquake.  Just imagine, all the high-rise office and condo buildings collapsing and crumbling to the ground in a heap of rubble.  The whole geological structure of the earth will see a dramatic change prior to the thousand year rule of Jesus.   


You would think that no human flesh would survive these disasters but remember that Jesus told us that unless these days were shortened, no flesh would survive (Mathew 24:22).  This tells me that there will be some people who survive the Great Tribulation and live into the thousand year rule of Jesus.  Jesus specifically said that some flesh would survive the terror of these days.  It will be those people and their descendents that the saints will rule over during this era.



22 - Zechariah Sees Geological Changes On Earth


Zechariah 14:3 to 5 tells us that at the end of the tribulation Jesus will stand on the Mount of Olives, just east of Jerusalem.  This causes an earthquake that will split the mountain in two, part to the north and part to the south.  This creates an important valley that runs east to west.  Again, a natural disaster changes the geological structure of the earth as we enter the thousand year rule of Christ.



23 - Ezekiel Sees Geological Changes On Earth


For various reasons, Ezekiel 40
through 48 are the most avoided and confusing chapters in the Bible.  Many commentators say little about his portion of Scripture.  Prophetic Futurists believe these chapters can only be understood in terms of the thousand year rule of Christ.  I understand the arguments against this view, but I don't see any other place in history to
place these chapters.  We'll come back to these chapters later, but until then, I refer you to Ezekiel 47.


As I pointed out in the last section, the Mount of Olives will split in two, causing a valley that runs east from Jerusalem to the Jordon River Valley and the Dead Sea.  Because of the formation of this valley, Ezekiel 47:8 states that a river will flow from under a newly built temple eastward to the Jordon River Valley and into the Dead Sea.  The fresh water from this river will cause the Dead Sea to come alive.  The text states that there will be as many varieties of fish in the Dead Sea as there are in the Mediterranean Sea .  The judgment of salt that killed the Dead Sea when God cursed Sodom and Gomorrah will be reverted.


I refer you back to Zechariah 14:8 that calls the water from this river "living water."  This is why the Dead Sea will no longer be dead.  Zechariah also says that this river won't only flow east to the Dead Sea, but it will also flow west to the Mediterranean Sea.  We thus have a major geological change in the Middle East.  A new river will flow from under a newly built temple.  It will split in two, flowing to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea.  This new river will give Israel, especially Jerusalem, a great economic advantage in the thousand years since the city will have a river access to the Mediterranean Sea.  


It's clear to me that after all the natural disasters of the Great Tribulation the geological structure of the earth during the thousand year rule of Jesus will look different than it does today.  That being said, we must not confuse this restructured earth with the new earth as seen in Revelation 21 and 22.  The restructured earth of the thousand years, although much different than today's earth, will look more like today's earth than the earth in the era known as the new earth.    



24 -   Babylon Falls


Without getting involved in the complexities of the Babylonian Empire as seen in Revelation, I simply point out its final fall.  Ever since Nimrod became the first known world conqueror in Genesis 10:8 to 11, and, ever since his attempt at universal supremacy as seen in the tower of Babel episode in Genesis 11, all that Babylon has represented throughout history has opposed God.  The final expression of Babylon falls in judgment in Revelation 17 through 19.  Its international military coalition is decimated in Revelation 19:11 through 18.  Birds eat the flesh of dead soldiers in what is called the "Great Supper of God" (Revelation 19:17)  At this point all humans systems fall at the hand of God.    


Along with the fall of all human systems Revelation 16:20 predicts the worst earthquake in history.  It literally relocates mountains and islands.  That, along with a multitude of other unthinkably horrific natural disasters, devastate everything man has touched.  This is the most geological and ecological change in the earth since the flood of Noah's day.  This geological restructuring of the earth along with the fall of the nations is how we will enter the thousand year rule of Jesus.      



25 - The Throne Of  David


Every Christmas we read Luke 1:32 and Isaiah 9:6 and 7.  Both of these passages speak just as much about the thousand year rule of Christ as they do about Jesus' birth, but that is seldom mentioned from our pulpits. 


The angel told Mary in Luke 1:32 that Jesus will be given the throne of His father David.  Isaiah 9:6 and 7 says a child will be born and a Son will be given who will sit on David's throne.  We all believe this predicted person is Jesus.  At present, Jesus sits on a throne in heaven, but that's not the throne of David.  David's throne was in Jerusalem, and that's where it will be when Jesus sits on it.       


Israelis throughout history have awaited the day when their Messiah will rise up from their midst, conquer their enemies, and rule on David's throne in Jerusalem.  This expectation will be realized when Jesus returns to Jerusalem to rule the nations of the world for a thousand years.  Sorry Washington, Moscow, and Rome; Jerusalem will be the world's capital during the thousand year rule of Jesus.    



26 - God's Purpose For The Tribulation


The book of Revelation is the most Jewish Old Testament orientated book in the New Testament.  It has been said that there are at least 285 allusions to the Old Testament in its pages.  It's Jewish in nature because it's written about Jews and for the Jews living at the end of this age.  I'm sure the 144,000 Jewish evangelists of Revelation 7 will preach from the book of Revelation. 


Jeremiah 30:7 calls the events seen in Revelation the time of Jacob's trouble.  These events are so named because the horrific tragedies of the last seven years of this age are meant to bring Israel to her knees in repentance.  In the process, Zechariah 12:9 says that Jesus will destroy the nations who attack Jerusalem.  At that point in time Jesus will cleanse Jerusalem from sin as stated in Zechariah 13:1.  Jerusalem, symbolized as the wicked city Sodom in Revelation 11:8, will be purified and ready for Jesus' thousand year rule.   



27 - All Israel Saved


Zechariah 13:8 and 9 says that at the end of this age God will strike down two thirds of Israelis living in their land.  No wonder this period is called the time of Jacob's trouble.  Zechariah also says in this passage that the remaining one third of Israelis will be purified by the fire of God's judgment.  Once purified, Israel will call on her Lord, and she will once again become His people.


Zechariah 12:10 states that at this time God will give these surviving Israelis a spirit of grace and supplication.  This special outpouring of grace will save the one third of Israeli survivors that Yahweh has kept for Himself.  As the Apostle Paul pointed out in Romans 11:26; all Israel will be saved.  That is, all of the repentant one third of Israeli survivors of the Great Tribulation will be saved.  Israel will finally be the representatives of Yahweh to the nations that it was meant to be when God called Abram out of Ur. 



28 - Weapons Into Plows


Isaiah 2:4 has gotten a lot of press over the years.  I recall this verse from my Sunday school days.  It says that nations will turn their swords into plows in which Prophetic Futurists believe is during the thousand years.  This speaks of an era of peace. 


Ezekiel 39:9 is interesting in this light.  It states that Israelis will turn weapons into fuel.  Some Bible teachers suggest that Ezekiel is predicting nuclear weapons being used for nuclear fuel.       


There will be relative peace on earth because Jesus will rule the nations with a scepter of iron.  However, relative peace doesn't necessarily mean perfect peace because Isaiah 2:4 also states that Jesus will judge and settle disputes between the nations.  I believe these disputes will arise from those survivors of the Great Tribulation.  Nations won't go to war during the thousand years but they will have disputes needing to be settled.



29 - The Need For Instruction


I hope to teach the Bible during the thousand year rule of Christ.  Isaiah 2:3 speaks to this.  It states that instruction of the Word of the Lord and the Law will go forth from Zion.
Zion is Jerusalem.  I'll speak to the instruction of the  Law later, but it's clear that their will be instruction of  the Word of God during the thousand years.  This instruction will be based in Jerusalem, and since not all the inhabitants of the earth will live in Jerusalem, I'm sure there will be satellite facilities of instruction around the world.  One might well be in my home town. 


30 - The Law And The Temple  


Isaiah 2:3 states that the time will come 
when the Law will go forth from Zion.
Zion is Jerusalem.  Isaiah 2:4 says that weapons will be turned into plows.  If you believe that weapons will be turned into plows during the thousand year rule of Christ then you must believe the Law will go forth from Jerusalem during the thousand years as well.  The law spoken of here is the Law of Moses.  That's the only way Isaiah and Israel would have understood the word "law" back then.     


I believe the Law of Moses is not applicable for New Testament Christians.  However, I believe it will be applicable during the thousand year rule of Jesus for Israelis.  Israelis promised Yahweh that they would obey the Law of Moses (Exodus 19:8, 24:3).  They didn't.  God will hold them to their promise and so Israel as a nation will obey the Law during the thousand years after the Spirit of grace is poured into Israel as seen in Zechariah 12:10.      


With this in mind I refer you to Ezekiel 40 through 48 again.  Prophetic Futurists place this passage in the thousand year rule of Christ because there is no other logical place to put the events of this passage.  I've already commented on chapter 47.  I'll now comment on the remaining chapters. 


Ezekiel 40 through 48 follows Ezekiel 36 through 39 which predict events associated with Israel at the end of this age.  If we view chapters 40 through 48 chronologically we must place them after the end of this age and during the thousand year rule of Christ. 


Ezekiel 40 through 42 predicts a temple that is described in specific details.  For example, Ezekiel 40:5 says that the wall around the temple is 6 long cubits high and 6 long cubits thick.  The alcoves for the guards are 6 long cubits wide and long (Ezekiel 41:7).  The jambs on the portico are 5 cubits wide on either side (Ezekiel 40:48).  The temple itself is 100 cubits long (Ezekiel 41:13).  The north and south rooms facing the temple courtyard are designated for priests (Ezekiel 42:13).  If you read these chapters you will see many more specific and detailed measurements.  
Because of these details I suggest this temple can't be understood allegorically.        


Ezekiel 43:1 to 12 states that the glory of God will come from the east and reside in this temple.  The rest of Ezekiel 43 and all of chapter 44 speak of the priesthood and the sacrificial offerings that will be offered in the temple.  Associated with this temple are holy days as seen in Ezekiel 45:13 through to the end of chapter 46.


These chapters portray an Old Testament style Judaism existing after the cross of Christ and during the thousand years.  That's why this passage is confusing to many.  The temple described here has never been built, so it's yet to come.  I don't believe this temple can be the anti-Christ supported temple that is built during the first half of the 7 year tribulation because the other aspects of Ezekiel 40 through 48 don't exist during the Great Tribulation.  This temple can only be a God inspired temple that is built during the thousand years.    


Although Israel broke the Law of Moses it agreed to keep, the one third of Israelis who are saved at the end of the Great Tribulation and their descendents will keep the Law of Moses as their forefathers vowed.  They will do so in remembrance of what Jesus did for them on the cross, not in hope of a future salvation, as was the case in the Old Testament.  Once the thousand years ends, that's the end of the Law of Moses for good.  That's why Jesus said that the Law of Moses will not completely disappear until every little detail is fulfilled (Matthew 5:17), which I understand to take place in the thousand year rule of Jesus.     


31 - Israel's Land


Ezekiel 45:1 through 12 and 47:13 through 48 states that God will give Israel their long awaited for promised land.  Ezekiel 45:1 says that the Lord will give Himself some land first.  Its specific measurements are 25,000 cubits by 20,000 cubits.  Such specific measurements that are seen throughout Ezekiel 40 through 48 can't logically be understood symbolically or allegorically, as many attempt to understand them.   


Beyond the Lord's portion of land you will note that each of the twelve tribes of Israel are given their specific allotment of land as well. 


The last 5 verses in Ezekiel describe
 a city named "The Lord Is There."  I suggest that's Jerusalem.  We can't confuse this city with the New Jerusalem as seen at the end of Revelation that exists on the new earth.  According to the dimensions of both cities, Ezekiel's city is much smaller than the New Jerusalem. 


The thousand year rule of Christ will see Israel with the land originally promised her
in Genesis 15:18 and 19, not by the United Nations, but by God.  Israel will be the blessing to the nations that God promised Abraham that she would be, and, she will obey the Law of Moses as she once promised. 



32 - The New Earth


Revelation 20:3 says that at the end of the thousand years Jesus will release satan from his chains to deceive the nations, and He will succeed.  Revelation 20:7 to 9 states that satan will gather an international military coalition in his final attempt to invade Jerusalem.  Before he can take a shot, Jesus will speak the word of victory and the battle will end before it begins.  At this point the wicked are judged at the Great White Throne Judgment and thrown into the Lake of Fire along with satan and the demonic world (Revelation 20:11 - 15). 


Those who are deceived at the end of the thousand years can't be those who have returned to earth to rule with Jesus for the thousand years.  Hebrews 9:27 implies that once we die and enter into our eternal bodies, that's it.  We don't come back at a future date to live in our earthly bodies.  Who we become after death is who we will be for eternity.  Satan won't deceive the redeemed.  I also believe he won't deceive the Jews whom Jesus has poured out a Spirit of grace and supplication upon either.  Those who are deceived are those non-believers who survived the Great Tribulation and their descendents.    


Once satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire and the wicked dead are judged, Revelation 20:11 tells us that heaven and earth will flee from the presence of God and will be replaced by a new heaven and earth.  The redeemed will spend eternity on the new earth and will have no recollection of this present age (Isaiah 65:17).  This ends the thousand year rule of Christ on this present planet, and, even though more could be said about the thousand year rule of Christ on earth, this also ends my account.   


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