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Where Does Churc Go From Here  2014
     "the church in the days to come"

The Abraham Covenant And Prophetic History   2011 
      How God's promises to Abraham affect prophetic history,
      especially concerning Israel.

God's Love In Context   2010
    Many Christians today speak of God's love at the expense of His
    Almighty nature.  The book entitled The Shack, especially Ellul's
    quote in chapter 6 prompted me to write this booklet.     

Joints In The Body Of Christ    written 2006
      Church is more than an organization. It is a body of 
      people who are joined together in Jesus. 

The Seven Churches Of The Age Of Grace  - 2007
      The prophetic view to the seven church of Revelation. 

True Believers    written 1998
     Many people claim to be a true believer, but what is a true believer?   

Why Water Baptism   written 1997
     The basics about water baptism.

The Holy Spirit and Me   written 1999
     The Apostle Peter's experience with the Holy Spirit 

Just As I Am Yet Still As I Was    written 1999
      Why do people go to the alter to be saved and still remain the same old person.

Plurality of Elders  written 2001
     What the first century church believed about leadership

Tithing  written 2002
Is tithing for us today, or was it for the Jews in Old Testament times.

Faithfulness In The Light Of Faith  written 2002
      We all know that we need to be faithful.  We should also  know that faithfulness presupposes a real faith in ones life.  What is real faith?  

What Scripture Says About Judging  written 2003
     We often think it is wrong to judge others, but is it really wrong?  What does the Bible say about judging? (about 1200 words)

In The Name Of Jesus  written 2003
     Are the words "in the name of Jesus" some kind of  magical formula or is there something more to these words? 

The Charismatic Movement - As I See It
These are just a brief few thoughts about the Charismatic Movement which I have been a part of for more than 30 years at this point.  Approx. 2500 words.

Prosperity Or Covetousness  -  written 2006
What does the Bible actually say about the name, claim, and expect prosperity movement.   

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