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Psalm 2


Nations Rage While God Laughs


To begin, we should understand that many Psalms speak to the history in which they were written.  However, many of these Psalms are prophetic, differing little from the prophetic books of the Old Testament.  This Psalm is a psalm of history, but you will find out that it really is relevant for us today and into the future.  It does speak to the character of nations throughout history but I will approach this Psalm from an end of times perspective.    


Nimrod was the first recorded man who aspired
to be the leader of a nation (Genesis 10:8 - 9).  He was the mastermind behind Babel and its famous tower.  Ever since the Babel (Babylon) incident nations are portrayed in the Bible as in opposition to God.  I think history has proven that to be true. Babel, or Babylon, is first seen in Genesis 10 and last seen in Revelation 17 and 18 where it is destoyed by Jesus.      


Verse 1 asks the question.  "Why do the nations rage or conspire in vain?"  This question portrays the thinking and actions of our nations as we approach the end of this age.  The nations will rage more and more as we get closer to the end.  The ultimate fulfillment of this rage is seen in the book of Revelation where the nations eventually fight against Jesus Himself, but long before then the nations will rage and conspire against Christians who represent God on earth. 


Verse 1 tells us that the nations plot in vain, and

why do they plot in  that?  The answer is simple.  The book of Revelation tells us that Jesus wins in the end.  It's not hard to figure out.  He will defeat the nations as God gathers them in the Valley of Jehoshaphat for the last great battle of this age (Joel 3:2).     

Verse 2 tells us that the kings and the leaders of the nations will rise up against both the Lord and His anointed one.  The Lord refers to God, and in an end time scenario His anointed one refers to Jesus.  The Hebrew word "mashiyach" is translated here as "anointed."  It is translated into English as "Messiah."  We know that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ.    


Even though our leaders rage in vain, as verse 1 states, they still take their stand and gather together against the Lord and against His anointed one, as verse 2 states.  Revelation 17:14 confirms that nations will actually end up fighting against Jesus Himself.  This arrogance shows the degree of depravity to which the nations will sink.      


It is interesting to note that Psalm 2:1 and 2 are quoted by Peter and John in Acts 4:25 and 26 in reference to Jesus being arrested and executed by the Jews and the Romans.  This does not necessarily mean that the death of Jesus is the fulfillment of this Psalm.  It just means that Peter and John's generation fit the description of Psalm 2.  The final fulfillment of this psalm, as we will see, has to be at the end of this age.  


Verse 3 shows the insane state of our nations at the end of this age.  The national leaders say, "Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles."  National leaders will attempt once and for all to free the world of any hint of a God and submission to Him.  This insanity will end in destruction and bloodshed.  Revelation 14:20 says, "The blood will flow to the horses bridle."  No matter how you understand these words, we can certainly see this last great battle will be a bloody mess.     


The word "their" in verse 3 refers to the Lord and his anointed one, meaning, God and Jesus.     


While our national leaders gather to plot their attack, according to verse 4, the Lord, meaning God, sits in the heavens and laughs at them.  The word "them" is in reference to national leaders.  Picture this.  Our leaders gather in some exclusive mountain retreat in the French Alps.  After a long day of strategizing, they spend a relaxing evening cracking off-colored jokes around hot-tubs and whirl-pools.  While sipping expensive wine and gulping down cocktails, they fixate their eyes upon voluptuous short skirted waitresses walking back to the bar to pour them more drinks.  Little do they realize that while they are laughing in frivolity, there is a God in heaven laughing at them.  If there was ever a time when God would roll on the floor in hysteric laughter, this would be that time.   


I know it's not politically, socially, or even religiously correct these days, but God does get angry, as seen in verses 5 and 6.  He will "rebuke the nations in His anger and terrify them in His wrath when He installs His King on Zion."  What the angel told Mary in Luke 1:32 will come true.  Jesus will rule from David's throne in Jerusalem.  He will be installed as King of the world What a day that will be.  Hoping to demolish Jerusalem with a couple of 4 megaton nuclear warheads, the nations of the world are stopped dead in their tracks by the one they considered to be just a first century teacher of morality.  It's called the Battle of Armageddon.   


At this point we should differentiate between the Throne of David that the angel told Mary in Luke 1:32 that Jesus would sit on and the throne He now sits on at the right hand of God. They are not the same throne.  The Throne of David existed centuries ago in the literal city of Jerusalem and it is this throne that Jesus will sit on for a thousand years as He rules the nations with a rod of iron.  Note the name "Zion" in verse 6.  This confirms that Jesus will rule from Jerusalem.


Note also the words "my holy mountain."  Mount Zion, and really, all of Jerusalem, belongs to God.  Of course, the entire world belongs to God by virtue of creation, but Jerusalem is special to Him.  It is there where God  has placed His name (2 Chronicles 6:6).             


Verse 7 says that He, who I believe is  Jesus, will make His (God) laws known to the world once He is installed as king.  After the nations fall like pathetic wimps, a new world-wide constitution will be established and implemented.  No longer will we have our national founding fathers.  We will simply have our Founding Father.         


There is a debate among Christians what laws of God the Psalm is speaking of here.  Some say they are the laws of love and truth as spoken by Jesus.  Others suggest these laws refer to the Laws of Moses.  I agree with the first scenario, but, I tend to believe the laws include the Law of Moses.  Without getting bogged down in the details, I believe God will hold Israel to its promise to keep the Law of Moses as they promised God in Exodus 19:8 and 24:3.  They will do so during the thousand year rule of Christ.  If you have trouble with that, and I can certainly understand why you would have trouble, read the last 8 chapters of Ezekiel and ask yourself when have these chapters been fulfilled, and, if they haven't, when and how will they be fulfilled?  These chapters are one of the least commented on chapters in the Bible.
They have never been fulfilled, and until someone changes my mind, I can only see them being fulfilled in the thousand year rule of Christ.

The apostle Paul spoke of this day in Philippians 2:10.  He said, "Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."  Picture CNN's breaking news flashing across your flat screen TV.  The stock market report is abruptly interrupted.  In real time, and in high definition, the world is in shock as they see the American president falling to his knees.  In a moment of embarrassing weakness he admits he was wrong.  Jesus Christ was really the only Lord all along.  Before the president can rise to his feet, CNN shows breaking news from Libya.  The new head of state
in Libya
  is slammed face first to the floor.  In a 
foggy daze he attempts to focus his eyes upward.  Instead of seeing Allah coming to his defense, he sees the King of the Jews preparing to take over his nation.  Terror, frustration, and anger, accompanies his admission that Jesus Christ is Lord after-all.  After the Iranian leader utters unrepeatable obscenities as his limo crashes into a telephone pole, he too makes his confession.  The North Korean leader reaches for his cell phone.  He is bent on placing the call to strike.  His phone is dead.  His nuclear missals remain motionless.  He points his pistol to his head, makes his confession, then drops to the floor. 


There is breaking news all over the place.  Leaders of all stripes, colors, nationalities, and religious affiliation, fall to their knees in confused astonishment.  Cable news networks around the world can't keep up with what's happening.  Television screens go wacky.  Reporters and camera men fall to their knees.  Microphones and video cameras fly in all directions.  Earthquakes and tsunamis kill millions.  Heart-wrenching screams are heard in every corner of the planet.  All of creation is immobilized as King Jesus lights up the sky with brilliant flashes of electromagnetic energy that plunders the world into a dreaded darkness.          


Human history as we know it comes to an end.  God will give His Son the nations of the world as an inheritance, and the ends of the earth for His possession, as stated in verse 7.  The  United States of America, Russia, Iran, and all other nations, will fall to the ownership of Jesus.  He will rule with an "iron scepter" as seen in verse 9.  There are no nation-wide TV debates, no diplomatic haggling, no back room deals, no saying one thing and doing another.  It's zero tolerance. 


Verse 8 says, "Today I have become your Father."  It is debatable just what day this verse is speaking of.  Some suggest that it was when Jesus ascended into Heaven, but, even at His baptism by John, the voice from Heaven proclaimed Jesus to be God's Son.  Also, when Jesus stayed behind at the temple when He was 12 years old He told Mary that He had to be about His Father's will.  Jesus understood that God was His Father.  I believe that Jesus was God's son since conception, but, as Galatians 4:1 states, a son is no different than a slave.  He is looked after by others until he comes of age.  Only then will he receive his inheritance.  Jesus has an inheritance and it has not yet been given to Him.  When the day comes for Him to receive His inheritance, that is, the nations, He will be the Son in full measure.    


Verse 9 says that Jesus will "Break them with a rod of iron."  Jesus, as He is pictured in Revelation, chapter 1 and 14, is not only our Saviour; He is a mighty military officer from Heaven.  He will break the nations and He will "dash the nations to pieces like pottery" as verse 9 also says.  Muslim nations who eagerly wait for the Twelfth Imam to annihilate Israel and the rest of us infidels will be dashed into thousands of pieces. Whether theocratic, communist, democratic, socialistic, or whatever, all nations will acknowledge Jesus is Lord as they are broken down before Him.           


Just to let you know, during the thousand year rule of Christ, nations will still have a measure of free will as seen in Zechariah 14:17.  If a nation chooses not to worship Jesus, there will be consequences.  No, Jesus won't bomb that nation.  He will simply stop the rain from falling.  It's quick and easy, but very effective.   


The word of the Lord to our nations today is found in verses 10 and 11.  "Be wise, be warned, and serve the Lord with fear and celebrate His rule with trembling."  In context, I believe this statement is directed to the leaders of the nations that will be in existence when Jesus begins His thousand year rule on earth, but, before that day comes, I believe this should be the prophetic word that is preached to the nations as a warning of what is to come.    


Verse 12 says, "Kiss His Son, lest He be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for His wrath can flare up in a moment."  No nation or individual is exempt from this admonition.  We embrace Jesus or face the consequences.  The picture we see of both God and Jesus in this verse is not our new age view of Jesus in our western culture these days.  The world views Jesus as a meek, mild, and quiet spirited teacher, but He is more than that.  God, and Jesus, can get angry.  This anger, really wrath, will be visible when this age ends.


At this point we should distinguish between anger and wrath.  In Biblical terms wrath is much more strong and intense than anger.  Wrath, is an explosive, near uncontrollable outburst of heavy duty anger.        


Psalm 2 ends with, "Blessed are those who take refuge in Him."  The future is almost upon us.  Our only hope of survival, our only refuge, is in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many, including so-called Christians will attempt to take refuge in many places.  As people have done before, some will move out into the countryside, hoping to escape the wrath of God, but there is no escape.  We should remember the saints we read about in the book of Revelation.  They did not shrink back in fear.  They did not hide.  They trusted their lives with Jesus, even as they were executed for association with Him (Revelation 12:11).  Nowhere in the Bible does it tell Christians to go and hide.  As a matter of fact, we are told just the opposite.  In the first few verses of John 16 Jesus told the apostles that they would suffer, even be killed, for their faith in Him.  Jesus did not tell them to hide and try to escape being executed.  No, He told them to go into all the world and make disciples from all nations, despite the fact that they would die in the process.      


Psalm 2 has a lot to say about the days in which we live and the days yet ahead of us.  This Psalm is well worth studying and meditating upon.  It not only clues us in on some future events, it shows us the majesty of the God we love and serve.      


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